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Thread: Strange video effects from transcoded video

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    Default Strange video effects from transcoded video

    We are running the latest build of Wowza Streaming Engine with the trans coder. When we look at our source video from Wowza everything looks good. However, when we pull a transcoded feed we get shifts in light and texture every 1-2 seconds. We had been using this exact setup for a while but with an earlier version of the engine and it worked very well. We don't know if there was something changed in the transcoder may have affected this. I can provide a link for someone to look at if you would like. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi there, I think the best thing to do for the most efficient troubleshooting would be to open a ticket.

    Please zip up the following folders and send to Also please include a detailed description of the issues you are experiencing:

    Thank you.


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