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Thread: HLS streaming to mobile fails when site is in HTTPS mode

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    Default HLS streaming to mobile fails when site is in HTTPS mode


    We have been using Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0 and JWPlayer to successfully play VOD on iOS and some android devices using HLS streaming.

    We notice one thing that if we go to the site containing the video player in HTTPS mode. The playback fails without obvious explanation.
    Wowza access log file shows nothing when we attempted the playback from mobile devices. This occurs both in iphones and android phones. However, playback works fine on desktop browsers.

    Can something be done to enable https and HLS on mobile? I don't know if it's JWplayer issue or HLS issue from Wowza.
    I tried digging into HLS SSL encryption (the internal/external methods) but still unsure whether this will solve the problem and I feel like I don't have enough information so we have not tried that yet.

    Has anyone experienced something like this?

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    This could happen if you are using the server ip address instead of the domain name in the player. It will also happen if the domain name being requested doesn't match the domain name that is assigned to the certificate.

    If it is a streamlock certificate issued by wowza then you will need to use the streamlock domain name that was issued with the certificate.

    You can check that the certificate is loading properly and is valid by entering the server address directly into the browser address bar.


    If there are any problems, you browser will issue a warning.

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    Default Streamlock

    Thank you for your help, Roger.

    That most likely be the cause because I have not setup streamlock.

    I was not sure how you can setup HTTPS for HLS because when I searched around this forum, They describe setup HLS encryption more like a customized encryption done between client-server, unlike the standard HTTP over TLS.

    However, I thought we can use our own domain name and the existing wildcard SSL certificate we already have. Is this an option for HLS streaming? I have been trying to find in manual and forum. Is it a similar process when we setup SSL for web servers like apache?

    But I will just follow the instruction setting up Streamlock and see if this solves the issue.

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