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Thread: LIVE streaming - Delay between FMLE and the RTMP Stream

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    Default LIVE streaming - Delay between FMLE and the RTMP Stream

    Hi all,

    I'm having this issue where there is a huge delay (sometimes in minutes) between the LIVE publishing stream (From FMLE) and the RTMP Stream. I'm running wowza on an EC2 instance (m3.xlarge).

    I'm encoding using H.264 Baseline 3.0 with 2 Keyframe frequency .

    Another side effect of this, when recording streams, if I stop the FMLE live broadcast, then the recording stops and the LIVE stream on the web stops before the actual end of the Live stream from FMLE, which ends up having a recording that is missing a couple of minutes (Depending on the delay).

    I also want to mention that the Upload Internet Connection is very high 20MB> (Using 4G Network)

    Any idea why?
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