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Thread: How to create an app that will record AND playback using Flash

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    Default How to create an app (in EngineManager) that will record AND playback using Flash

    Hi all,

    New to the forums so looking forward to getting some quality help

    I'm setting up a Flash app that is the desktop fallback for an Android and iOS mobile apps, for a major UK broadcaster.

    I've got the WebcamRecording demo working fine on a local machine, but I can't seem to create any Wowza app from scratch, using the EngineManager, that will both record and play back streams, in Flash.

    When I follow any of the documents on the support site, there seem to be all kinds of issues from recording to playback to flash version strings to missing stream issues. It's, sadly, a bit frustrating that there's not a "Start from Scratch with the Engine Manager and AS3" tutorial anywhere on the site (that seems to work).

    Interestingly, the WebcamRecording app itself comes up as an "Unsupported App" in the EngineManager. Why is this? Can it only be edited using XML? What are the nodes that are different?

    Anyway, the reason I want to do this, is because we're setting up on Amazon S3, so figure doing it by the console is the easiest way.

    If not, should we be FTPing the existing (working) example config file to S3 (if that's possible - I don't know S3) and then adjusting that in the app?

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    Hi Dave,

    It sounds like you're trying to record a live stream using your application and also play the recorded content back using the same application. When recording a live stream the application must be configured for live streaming which can also be configured to record the ingested streams. However, to playback the recorded content you will need to use a video on demand (vod) application.

    I recommend creating the applications from scratch using the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager (WSEM) on the server you're going to use them on.

    Please see our Live streaming tutorial for RTMP based encoders and How to record live streams tutorial for details on how to record the incoming stream.
    You can them move the recording to your S3 bucket using the ModuleMediaWriterFileMover Module.

    When using EC2 and an S3 bucket, you can use MediaCache to get the content from the bucket and cache it on the Wowza server to be used for the playback clients. This will be a VOD Edge application.
    I hope I've provided all the information you need for your workflow.


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