Applies to Wowza Versions: 4.0.4, 4.1

I'm push-publishing (RTMP) the transcodes of a single source stream to two different Akamai endpoints which are then converted to HDS/HLS via Akamai's Universal Streaming.

At some point (usually after a couple of days), one of the two Akamai endpoints switches to an audio-only stream. I can still watch the RTMP stream coming out of Wowza, and it contains both audio and video, but the output from Akamai is audio-only. Because I'm pushing the same stream to two different endpoints, and one still works properly, I'm fairly confident it isn't a problem with the stream I'm generating in Wowza. That said, when I restart Wowza, the problematic stream starts working (i.e. both audio and video) again in Akamai.

I don't really have any visibility into the Akamai endpoint, so I don't have a lot to debug from that end. The Wowza logs show nothing abnormal.

Has anybody run into the situation where streams getting pushed to Akamai suddenly lose their video component?

P.S. I know that Wowza allows the push of HLS and HDS directly to Akamai; unfortunately, it isn't an option for me to push those two formats.