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Thread: GoCoder metadata, like geo-info?

  1. Default GoCoder metadata, like geo-info?

    Does GoCoder send along metadata, eg. geo-information along when streaming to a WSE, or is it possible to achieve this? Given the fact it's about mobile devices, especially geo-data would be a very interesting thing to send along in a data stream.

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    Hi there. At this time GoCoder does not access the GPS or any location information from the device. But I do believe this has been added to the feature request list for further consideration.

    Thank you.


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    Looking for the feature wish list and wondering about GPS location information.

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    Hi, Tony. Welcome to the Wowza support forum and thank you for your interest in GoCoder.

    At this time there is no new development on this addition. However, it would be helpful to know what you are trying to do with this information as it would aid in the development of this feature, in the event the development team decide to take it on.

    Thank you for your interest and any further information you provide.


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    Thank you.

    Very simple, trying to capture the GPS coordinates of the streaming source, in this use case an iPhone or Android phone.

    If you have a contact in business development I could contact, I could detail out the specific use case and applications that I am interested in.


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    We would like this too. In the mean time, is there a query we can make to the server to get the originating IP address? We can do crude location that way.

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    Hello folks, I wanted to update this thread to let you all know I have submitted your request to the Wowza team for their consideration. This does not mean they will implement it, just that they are aware of your interests in this data.



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    This is possible with the GoCoder SDK. You can learn more about the capabilities in the GoCoder SDK documentation.


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