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Thread: Best way to setup Wowza for Live Streaming from Many devices each with many cameras?

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    Default Best way to setup Wowza for Live Streaming from Many devices each with many cameras?


    We are using Wowza Streaming Engine (4.1.0 - AWS hosted) to stream live video from a large number of distributed "meters". Each of these meters will have from one to three cameras that may be able to stream.

    What are your recommendations for setup? What we've been doing so far is setting up one Wowza "Application" for each meter. Then, within each Application we have one to three streams (one for each camera). As we grow, however, this would require well over 1,000 applications.

    I suppose an alternative is one single Application, with a stream for each camera.

    What are your recommendations for design of such large-scale systems? We understand that we will need to scale up to multiple wowza instances, and are very interested in your recommendations for overall setup.


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    Generally we recommend only a few applications and many streams running under those.
    Due to hardware restrictions you'll only be able to host 100 to 200 input streams per server instance anyway.
    So you'll also have to take into account how to distribute the streams across a number of servers.


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