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Thread: Custom module / application crash

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    Default Custom module / application crash

    We build a custom module that starts a playlist on a live stream on a specified times for "as live" events. It works all fine but only after some time the live application (where the steams are started on) stops running. There is nothing strange in the error or acces log. At the same time the custom module also stops logging. I looks like wowza has enough memory, when i checked it with jconsole the heap did not reach above 700mb. When i restart the application everything works again.

    Does a application go into offline mode when there are no more streams left and may that be the the cause?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction where to look for the cause of this problem.

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    It an application is idle, ie. no connections, not running a playlist etc, then it will stop running. If you believe this is not the case please open a ticket to providing your conf/ and logs/ and we may be able to provide more insight as to the issue.


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    Hi Smit,

    Can you provide me the details of what is this modulle used for and what are the methods you are using for the module


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