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    Default Wowza Live Streaming- HLS + RTSP


    I am using a Wowza's Gocoder application to live stream video from my iPhone to the Wowza server(version 4.0.4). From the server I was able to fetch the video to my Webpage as well. I used Video.js player to do the same. But all this works only for IOS (HLS stream). Now, I would like to know if I could support streaming from my Android mobile (RTSP) as well using the same player.


    Is there something I could include to make the single player connect to the RTSP or HLS stream respectively?

    Thank you for the help !

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    You won't be able to use/play the RTSP url in an HTML5 video tag. Browsers just don't support it.

    You can have a link outside of the player that will indicate it will play the rtsp stream if clicked.


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    Hi Daren,

    If i add a link outside the player, where do I link it to? The rtsp stream will be playing from which source ?


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    Hello Monica.

    The URL would be:
    Thank you.


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    Thank you for that reply Salvadore. I will try that out.

    Could you please tell me why I am not able to stream outside the local network ? I am able to stream only if both the server and the mobile are in the same local n/w.

    When I type in "http://[wowza ip address]:1935" from home, I get "Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Trial Edition (Expires: Jan 12, 2015) 4.0.4 build11775". And I am able to log in to the streaming engine manager via port "8088". But, not able to stream. Is there some other port that needs to be open ? Please shed some light into this.


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    If you can not reach your Wowza server in a remote browser at this address:

    Then you probably need to open TCP port 1935 on that server and/or map port 1935 to your Wowza server in your network, for example port-forwarding if a router. should be able to explain how to do this for your router model.

    I hope this helps you.


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