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Thread: Stream Schedule (Canned and Live) with Enabled Transcoded AddOn

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    Default Stream Schedule (Canned and Live) with Enabled Transcoded AddOn


    I am using streamschedule.smil to play a combination of canned videos and live event and I have enabled the transcoder add-on to generate three (3) video qualities.
    But based on the forum, the streamschedule.smil and the live event must be published to the same application. The problem is, two incoming (2) channels are being transcoded hence, the CPU utilization is easily maxed out not to mention that I am charged twice for the transcoder add-on. Furthermore, the live stream source must not be initially transcoded since it will be transcoded anyway since it is part of the streamschedule.smil.

    Need your inputs and suggestions about this.

    Thank you.


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    Hi Roger,

    Its a good solution what you have found. But if you can explain a bit about how you are using the vod and live events then it would be good. From my point of view, you can use separate playlists in the streamschedule.smil file for live event and the vod's instead of creating separate apps or streamschedule.smil files


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