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    hello everyone.

    I am new to Wowza. I have a project where I need to have a solution that can deliver a stream to up to 7,000 people. Which server(s) would I need to fulfill this project. Right now I currently have this configuration

    Single Quad-Core E3-1230
    4Cores x 3.2Ghz w/ HT
    4GB DDR3 ECC RAM 1333MHz
    2x500GB SATA2 7200RPM Drives
    Hardware RAID 0

    What do I need to have to make this project run right?

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    For the size of the number connected clients, so 7000, you will need significant more resources and the biggest bottleneck will the network connection.

    If you have 7000 connected clients @ 500kbps then this will be 3.5Gbps, so your server will need a 10GE interface or 5+ x 1GE interfaces. If you are going to deploy this then I would seriously consider EC2 as an option so you can have multiple servers running without the need for purchasing hardware and then only pay any network usage that occurs.

    If you want to purchase hardware then Dual Quad Core, 16Gb, 10GE interface would be essential and if you are doing on demand video (rather than live) RAID5 or even SSD for the speed required to service so many clients. I would recommend multiple servers with our load balancer configured for resiliency.

    If you need direct help putting the solution together I would post your required in our Find-a-Consultant area.


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    Hey. Welcome to this forum. Wish you best of luck.

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