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Thread: Wowza Local Server, S3 Storage and CloudFront

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    Default Wowza Local Server, S3 Storage and CloudFront

    We need to setup a local Wowza media server and use Amazon s3 buckets for storage purpose. After that we need to enable CDN delivery of videos via CloudFront.

    Is it possible to do such setup where the wowza server will be our own server (not cloud based but available with public ip). Once we upload a video, we will place it on Amazon S3 server under certain bucket. Once its uploaded and avilable on S3, we want the video stream (VOD) to be available via CloudFront CDN servers.

    Could you guide me here about how to do it ? How does vods3 works ? How to use that for above requirement (Wowza Media Server -> Local/Public, S3 for storage, Amazon CloudFront for Video delivery via CDN).

    Is there any article which I need to follow to understand it ?


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    To use file store outside of Wowza for storing video on demand (VOD) content you can use our MediaCache functionality which will get the content from the file store and cache it locally for playback.
    How to scale video on demand streaming with Media Cache

    In the above tutorial you will see "Add an S3 HTTP source" which is the method used when the file store is an Amazon S3 bucket.
    You may also want to take a look at the instructions for How to integrate with CloudFront.


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    Hey Jason,

    Is there also a way to use this in reverse with live applications?
    We have a local StreamingEngine running on our dedicated server, but need to store webcam-recorded incoming video streams on S3.
    So local Wowza, S3 bucket, client publish/save stream to local Wowza, store on S3.



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