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Thread: incoming h265 + transcode h264

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    Default incoming h265 + transcode h264


    I would like to know if wowza is able to ingest a h265 stream then transcode it in h264 to be playable in website (flash) by exemple.
    I ask that cause h265 uses less bandwidth than h264 for same quality so if I can win (in my case) bandwidth on the place where I send stream, that would be great.



    PS : do you know a hardware (SDI in) able to stream in h265 to wowza ? I already sent a request to teradek.

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    Hello there.

    Yes we can do this, you will need an h265 stream available via mpegts. I dont believe there is any other mechanism (currently) to get H265 into Wowza at the moment.

    Thank you.


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