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Thread: how to check connection

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    Default how to check connection

    i want To check that the IP address is online on Streamname.


    ip accept

    try new connect

    if( connect)
    return false;

    Thank you

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    Hi Tatiya123,
    Where do you want to check connection ? from as3 while netconnection connect ? or in your another webapp ?

    Also you can control client is connected or not , if connected , not watch again logic ,
    create custom module in Wowza.
    you need to get "the client ip" and "Stream name" in onConnect , httpConnect etc connection methods by overriding.

    The best way is creating key value pair to hold ip and stream name and comparing data {hasmap can be used} , when client disconnect, remove the key and data from your list.
    If client is watching ch1 , then reject the request .

    You can override

    public void onConnectReject(IClient client) {
    }//It's for flash.

    Kind Regards,
    Emre Karatasoglu

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