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Thread: Live re-stream from Ubiquiti Aircam doesnīt works

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    Default Live re-stream from Ubiquiti Aircam doesnīt works

    I am new with Wowza, and I am having a trouble with something that I believe it should be very easy...

    I just installed a trial version on a Debian VM, and I want to re-stream a feed from an Ubiquiti Aircam. I followed these steps ( and when I click at "Test Players" button to test with RTMP, it displays the error "Source stream or file could not be found or access was denied".

    I have done it many times, the system seems to be very easy to understant, and the steps are really clear... I donīt understand why I canīt put it working.

    Any tip will be very appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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    Hello Denilson

    When you start the stream and look at the logs, do you see the stream actually coming through? Or do you see a series of reconnection attempts? You can copy/paste that portion of your log here for further review if possible.


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    Thank you, Matt. I was looking for informations in the default apache2 logs (/var/log/apache2) and not in the correct installation directory. With your information I decided to look for the correct information about logging in the UsersGuide, and found the correct place.

    But the problem was in fact a misconfiguration in the RTSP URL for the aircam (rtsp://<CAM_IP>:554/live/ch01_0). It was just a wrong character...

    I will now watch the videos from before proceding with my tests!


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