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Thread: problem on transcode "Hit license limit for live stream transcoders"

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    Default problem on transcode "Hit license limit for live stream transcoders"

    Hello Support

    I run wowza 4 for a month.
    I use with Wirecast encoder to stream RTMP to wowza 4
    Also use transcode license to transcode 1 rtmp stream to multiple bitrate.

    What I encounted with every day I got error
    “Hit license limit for live stream transcoders. Live stream transcoder is stopped”

    I use only single stream running every day.
    I don’t know what happened with wowza, and it has this error for a month.
    Can anyone help me?

    I also attached log for your analysis (by email)
    Please help as soon as you can

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    Hello there.

    What type of license are you running? If running a Trial License you are limited to 3 incoming streams, so one incoming stream and 2 Transcoded renditions would hit the limit.

    If running a monthly license then please restart and publish one stream so that the issue occurs again. Then zip up the following folders and send them to

    Thank you,


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