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Thread: IP connections and statistics.

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    Lightbulb IP connections and statistics.

    I can limit a stream for a maximum number of connections?
    I can view the IPs connected to a particular stream?

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    please use the search function on the forum. this has been asked and explained quite some times already.

    1. connection counts
    - Open your VHost.xml
    search for connectioncounts
    change authtentication method from admin-digest to admin-basic

    open the file admin.password en insert a username and password.

    restart your WowzaStreamingEngine and go to your browser http://ipaddress:8086/connectioncounts
    login and password you have set in the admin.password file

    here you will be able to see all your connections and streams

    2. limit number of connections
    you can do that in the application.xml of each stream or you can do that in the StreamingEngineManager.

    this is basic information which is explained in the user guide.

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    Hi there,

    Please take a look at these guides to achieve your requirements:
    Module to limit the number of connections to an application (ModuleLimitConnectionsToApplication)

    How to monitor server connections, load, and application statistics
    This article provides information about how to use Wowza Streaming Engine™ Manager to monitor the server and streaming applications. Comprehensive metrics deliver real-time data about CPU and memory usage, connection counts, client players, applications, and network statistics.

    For quick reference, this URL is very insightful:
    Kind regards,


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