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Thread: Relaying Icecast audio streams with ADTS copyright bit set

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    Default Relaying Icecast audio streams with ADTS copyright bit set

    We're relaying some AAC streams from an Icecast server that sometimes have the copyright bit set in the ADTS header.

    We've noticed that if you try to start listening to the RTMP stream from Wowza (ie using the test flash player) while the copyright bit is set, the player won't connect. If you connect when the bit isn't set it streams ok and continues streaming when the bit is set.

    Is there a way to get Wowza to filter these bits so the player can always connect? (another system using the Icecast streams needs them for signalling so we can't remove them at source)


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    Please can you open a ticket by emailing and provide the URL and access one of the streams with the copyright bit set. We do not do anything special due to this bit being set but certainly happy to check against a stream you can make available to us.


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