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Thread: Push Publishing of a Stream (a Playlist from streamschedule.smil)

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    Default Push Publishing of a Stream (a Playlist from streamschedule.smil)


    I'm trying to push publish a stream (actually, a playlist composed of live and canned videos that are defined in a streamschedule.smil) from a Wowza Media Server (ver 3.6) to Wowza Streaming Engine (ver. 4.0). I was able to download the PushPublish AddOn (ver. 3.5) thru the download link provided by Wowza, and I have configured my Wowza Media Server ver 3.6 based on the accompanying procedure. The necessary modules/properties are added in the Application.xml while the PushPublishMap.txt was configured according to destination of the stream. I dunno if this info is relevant; the streamschedule.smil is stored in Amazon S3 and both Amazon EC2 Wowza AMIs can access S3, meaning S3 directory is mounted. My problem is, I can play the stream from WMS 3.6 but the push published stream can't be played in WSE 4.0. What could be the possible cause?



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    Hi Roger,

    Can you see in your Wowza 4 logs that the stream that gets pushed from the Wowza 3.6 server is correctly published?


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