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Thread: Set publish allowed encoders property

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    Default Set publish allowed encoders property

    By default, it appears this is the allowed encoders:

    INFO server comment - ModuleCoreSecurity.onAppStart[live/_definst_]: Publish: AllowedEncoders: securityPublishValidEncoders:Wirecast/|FME/|FMLE/|Wowza GoCoder*

    How/where can this be altered or be disabled? This has been blocking some of the encoders our clients are using.

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    Hello there.

    You could try adding the name of the encoder to the Flash Version String field.
    If you are not sure what to put here, you can find by looking for a line like this in the logs:
    INFO server comment 2011-01-14 22:16:23 - - - - - 2.894 - - - - - - - - Flashver: Wirecast/FM 1.0 (compatible; FMSc/1.0)
    You can edit this field at:
    Engine Manager > App name > Incoming Security > Flash Version String
    And here is the guide for further reference:
    How to configure security using Wowza Streaming Engine Manager

    Thank you.


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