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Thread: Image overlay on audio-only stream?

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    Default Image overlay on audio-only stream?

    Hi everyone!
    Is it possible to have the transcoder generate an "overlay only" video track on an audio stream?
    We'd like to stream some audio only channels (with fixed names) and, in case, inject a static image stating that "This stream has no video!"
    I tried in this way:

    * I've set up the "overlay" section in the "decode" block (to have this overlay applied to all the encoded streams)
    * I created a new "Encode" block with H.264 encoded video (width and height equal to the overlay one), AAC encoded audio, with no overlay (since it has already been defined before)

    The result is an audio-only encoded file coming from the transcoder.

    Thank you in advance,


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    Hi there,
    I'm pretty sure the stream requires a video track. You should then be able to overlay your image to cover the whole frame. I am sure someone from support will correct me if I am mistaken.

    You might take a look at one of these other options as an alternative:
    How to add poster frames to Apple HTTP streams
    How to add poster frames to Apple HTTP streams (ID3 metadata) for App Store audio renditions

    Kind regards,


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    Thank you Salvadore! This could be a valid solution (even if it's iOS-specific).

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