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Thread: Load Balancing live-record streams

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    Default Load Balancing live-record streams

    I'm using Wowza to record streams coming from webcams (HDFVR) and looking for a way to add more than one server to handle all the requests.

    Outgoing is not a problem since I'm moving the videos to Amazon S3 and using MediaCache to serve them.

    I tried setting up the Load Balancer add-on from Wowza but with no luck, HDFVR wouldn't redirect my requests to edge servers.

    I'm wondering if I can use a software load balancer such as HAProxy to redirect requests? I don't know much about the RTMP protocol and I'm not sure if it will try to send data chunks to one IP or to all my servers in a random order.

    If anyone has some experience setting up something like this, help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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    what problems did you encounter when using the Wowza Load Balancer? There are additional modules that can be incorporated with our LB which may help. Please describe in detail the data flow and protocols from source to player and we can look into it further.

    Regarding HAProxy, you can search this forum and find some posts of people who have tried it. This one in particular looks positive,
    fronting a Wowza server with HAProxy

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