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Thread: MediaCache Smil and Caption

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    Default MediaCache Smil and Caption


    We are working on adding subtitles and are using media cache servers to deliver video. We have noticed that both smil file and caption file are being cached. We have a requirement where user can upload subtitle file via our platform and the same will be used for when video is played. But with mediacache on if we update the subtitle file via our platform, the changes doesn't take effect.

    Is there any way we can force mediacache server to reload the caption file. Also our smil file contains textStream entry which gets created dynamically via a program and if that is also cached, it won't take the changes unless the mediacache is cleared and we restart the wowza server.

    Also, we would like to add functionality to delete subtitle files from the origin or content location and if a cached copy is there on mediacache servers, then it could cause problem.

    Could you suggest any solution to the above mentioned problems.


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    Hello there,

    I believe this guide is what you are looking for:
    How to purge an item from the cache (MediaCache)

    Kind regards,


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