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Thread: Using RTSP Stream for Real Time Interactive Applications

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    Default Using RTSP Stream for Real Time Interactive Applications

    I have an server client application. Server is Java application and client is an android client. I am streaming data using RTSP. I am using the Live555 server for streaming. I can see some constant 2-3 seconds of delay between server and client. When used gives some input by touch, its effect can be seen at server instantly but it takes 2-3 second for the effect to be visible on client. I have used VideoView Widget of Android to play the stream

    To make sure I am not using Live555 server in a wrong way, I used live555MediaServer.exe to stream data and vlc client on my android tab. I also used vlc server top stream data and vlc client on android. Still there is some lag of 2 seconds.

    Now we are planning to shift to Wowza server but I have some basic doubts about RTSP Streaming

    PS: I have very good network bandwidth

    So I have 2 questions

    Is RTSP meant to be used for interactive application where user given some event as input or its meant to stream videos, CCTV camera feeds where 2-3 seconds delay does not hurt ?
    If RTSP can be used for interactive applications, is Wowza implementation good enough for that ? I need an delay of <500ms .
    Is RTSP supposed to have some minimum possible delay ?

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    RTSP can certainly be used for playback as well as ingesting. It has quite low latency, certainly compared to the HTTP playback types Wowza provides.

    We have an example RTSP stream running on Wowza here. Load it into the Wowza Test Player, or VLC, and it plays back nearly instantly. Getting a delay <500ms may be tricky to guarantee though due to other variables.

    The following articles may help if you're looking to tune RTSP

    Troubleshooting RTSP Playback
    Setting up RTSP

    Kind regards,

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