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Thread: Can wowza stream to HTML 5 player?

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    Default Can wowza stream to HTML 5 player?

    We are redesigning our existing website and as part of this, we have decided to go with HTML 5 player. So, I want to know if wowza server fully support HTTP streaming (Live, onDemand, ABR/Transcoder)?

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    Hello there.

    Wowza supports Apple HTML Live Streaming (HLS/cupertino streams) that plays directly in a Safari browser on iOS devices and Safari on Mac OSX. It can also be played on any device or player that supports HLS streaming.

    Here is a simple code example:
    <video controls src="http://[WOWZA-SERVER-IP]:1935/live/myStream/playlist.m3u8"> 
    Kind regards,


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    Most of the current OS/Browsers doesnt support HLS. So, does it mean that wowza is not the ideal solution?

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    Here is an informative Wowza article on the subject.

    You may wish to consider a more flexible solution:
    JW Player

    Kind regards,


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    i read this article before starting this thread. It was a year old article(posted Nov, 2013), i was looking for more latest initiatives/implementations of wowza.
    Thanks for the reply though.

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    As far as my understanding to browsers/html5/codecs, even though jwPlayer & Video.js players support HTML 5 video, i am in the sense wowza doesnt work with all the major OS/browsers. Correct me if i am wrong.

    Does wowza work with jwplayer/videoJs players in chrome/IE/safari?


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    The main problem is browser support.
    Wowza provides the currently popular HTTP stream types: HLS, HDS, Smooth streaming and MPEG-DASH.

    The biggest issue is that the majority of browsers do not support any of these in their own bulit-in html5 players.
    There is another good report on the state of HTML5 here, that includes and Adaptive Streaming section at the end.
    You'll see that Safari is still the only one that fully supports Adaptive Streaming, and yes it is HLS. Though, as you'll see, Chrome is adding some new extensions.

    Your best current option is to use an embedded player, and Salvadore kindly provided that list. JW Player supports adaptive streaming in the browsers you mention
    and a Wowza Streaming Engine based HLS stream will play there.
    Unclear about VideoJS though, as this hasn't been extensively tested.

    Currently MPEG-DASH will playback Chrome using the dash.js player and a few others mentioned here.


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    Default Wowza Streaming Engine Supports WebRTC

    Wowza supports WebRTC Streaming, including ingestion and stream playback, in Wowza Streaming Engine™. Some of the specific WebRTC features include:

    • WebRTC ingestion
    • WebRTC playback
    • Transcoder support to decode/encode VP8/VP9 video and Vorbis/Opus audio codecs
    • Input and output of VP8/VP9, Vorbis/Opus via RTSP/RTP
    • HTTP provider to do WebRTC SDP exchange
    • And more!

    To learn more or watch a demo, check out the WebRTC streaming software capabilities page.

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