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Thread: GoCoder and publish.password for authentication

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    Default GoCoder and publish.password for authentication


    Right now, in order to authenticate GoCoder, you must include your user credentials in "[install-dir]/conf/publish.password" ..

    Is there any way to tell Wowza to look at the "[install-dir]/applications/[appname]/publish.password" file instead?

    It would seem that if all usernames/passwords are stored in that one file (and not separated by applications), it will allow any user/pass to publish to any application which is a problem.


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    Hello there,

    Please see this article:
    How to use a per application publish.password file

    Kind regards,


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    Thank you.

    It would appear, for Wowza 4.x, we need to have the following property added:


    Thanks for the tip!

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    Yes, that is right. I am sorry, it looks like I linked to the old method.

    Thanks for pointing this out. And for anyone looking for this in the future, here is the updated method:
    Configure per-application authentication using properties

    Thanks again.


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