I have a problem with the functionality of the server and there I have a question:
I would like to publish on web site stream from ip camera those sent rtsp protocol. The camera hangs on the mobile web link that has limited packet transmission and narrow bandwith. Wowza server running in the separate subnet with public ip adress and redirected corresponding ports, full bandwitch etc.. Everything works great. currently use trial ver of Wowza server to transmit this rtsp stream to rtmp on Website, so i create stream file in selected application (in accordance with http://www.wowza.com/forums/content....reaming-Engine). To start transmit i must click connect to the stream, it appears in "incomng stream " where i can choose disconnect stream to stop receiving packet from camera. I know that is a way to automatically connect to the camera by selecting the "add startup stream" but
how can i automatically stop receiving the stream form camera?
whether it is possible to connect wowza to the camera rtsp stream automatically only when there is at least one client who's receive wowza stream and automaticly close the stream from camera when no one is playing stream from wowza on the web.?

this question due the limited maxim of quantity of transmitted data that i have.