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Thread: connect to RSTP incoming stream programmatically

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    Default connect to RSTP incoming stream programmatically

    I am new to Wowza, testing the capabilities.
    I followed the instructions of the post "How to re-stream video from an IP camera (RTSP/RTP re-streaming)"
    and I will use the Microsoft Smooth Streaming or/and the ADOBE HDS.
    My question has to do with the behavior of the incoming RSTP streams.
    Can we control the already defined stream in server (or even to create it on-fly ), programmatically ?
    to start the streaming when we want and to disconnect when we don't need it any more ?
    In our system, we have few seconds(2-3) before the user actually starts the player. We need low latency <= 1 sec, during the streaming.
    We have locations with a number of cameras and we should connect them , based on the incident or by the frequency of recent history.
    So, using a web service to control the streams/channels in the server , is the best solution in terms of resources optimization.

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    Hello Stefan. Thank you for considering Wowza for your streaming needs, and welcome to the forum.

    There is nothing built in to do exactly what you are trying to achieve, but it could be done with a little custom work.

    You could start with this:
    How to monitor content folder for .sdp and .stream files to start publishing streams (ServerListenerStartupStreamsMonitor)
    And work out adding and removing .stream files as needed.

    Another option would be to utilize this HTTPProvider to start/stop the stream (Following the second example here) :
    How to parse post or get variables in an HTTPProvider

    If you find that you need additional assistance with this implementation, you can post a request to the find a consultant forum

    Kind regards,


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