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Thread: Unable to do live streaming more than 10 minutes.

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    Default Unable to do live streaming more than 10 minutes.

    WowzaStreamingEngine stops by itself after streaming for 10 to 15 minutes. Both the log files wowzastreamingengine_access.log and wowzastreamingengine_error.log does not provide any useful info.

    I am using "low-livelatency" type in the Application.xml file and have LiveStreamPacketizers.xml optimized for low latency to view in iOS devices.

    I am using WowzaStreamingEngine 4.1.0 version. How do I resolve this issue.


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    Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    You said "WowzaStreamingEngine stops by itself after streaming for 10 to 15 minutes". Is it Wowza that is shutting down, or the stream itself?

    Thank you,


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    It is Wowza shutting down. So the stream also stops after that. I have to restart the engine. Here is my test details.

    1. I start the wowza engine
    2. Our server initiates the stream, publish on wowza and start sending packets to UDP port of wowza.
    3. Try to view from the Flow Player which has options for viewing from flash version and iOS HLS vesion.
    4. If only view from Flash version, the Wowza works for at least for 40 minutes streaming and then it dies.
    5. If I do viewing from both Flash version and also from iPad of the same stream, then the wowza dies within 15 minutes of streaming.

    I am not able ti get any useful info from log files of wowza on this issue. It seems like Wowza egnine process crashes or dies by itself that I don't know.

    I am ready to give more info on this issue and would like to resolve this issue ASAP.


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    For the most efficient troubleshooting assistance I would suggest opening a ticket.

    Please zip up your :
    And include a screen shot of your encoder settings, and send them to

    Thank you,


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    Thanks Salvadore .

    I did send the info wowza support.

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