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Thread: Wowza Smil No-Cache HTTP Header

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    Default Wowza MediaCache HTTP No-Cache Policy - Help ???


    We have a Wowza Streaming Server with MediaCache Architecture (Edge Servers) for our platform. The video and smil files are placed on some other server which just works as a file server.

    We use smil files url from our player side to get the media playback.

    Due to some reason we want our smil files to be modified dynamically (to add textStream tags when close caption files are uploaded via our platform). Since we are using MediaCache so it doesn't take changes because smil files are already cached. We just need our smil files to be not cached. Other files (video files) can be cached.

    What is setUserHTTPHeader method ? Can we used it for no-cache request ? If so, any example ?

    I have tried making changes in IIS server (on the video file server) to use no-cache as HTTP header response but it seems that Wowza MediaCache server is not following that rule and still caching the smil files.

    There is an older post on this long back :

    It looks like Wowza MediaCache doesn't follow HTTP Header Cache Policy. Please suggest, how to use no-cache just for smil files ? Is there anything like max-age or something similar to it which can be used to solve the problem.

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    Hello there,

    The Wowza module collection has a couple of helper modules that you can use to achieve this.

    This will allow you to have your smil files locally and the content on a remote media Cache server. You can then update the smile files as needed.

    This one will allow you to have separate media cache sources for smil files and content. You could use different TTL settings for each one.

    You can download the module collection and read more about these modules here:
    Module Collection

    If you find you need further assistance getting this working, you might consider posting a request to the find a consultant forum

    Kind regards,


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