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Thread: How to Add "pause" text

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    Default How to Add "pause" text

    I'd like to combine some text into a video stream. Pretty simple concept, when a publisher pauses his video I'd like to display the text "Paused" in the stream so the subscriber sees the text.

    I've tweeked the Flash videochat example that comes with Wowza - it's a great starting point. Pausing the camera is easy in Flash ActionScript; just attach a null camera to the publishing netstream. ie: nsPublish.attachCamera(null);

    On the player side (I'm using JWPlayer), the play pauses. Cool. However, adding a text overlay of "Paused" would be even better - and a great clue to the subscriber that the publisher did the pausing.

    I cannot find for the life of me an example how to do this. I see the Flash netstream object has a method send() to send along metadata, but not sure how to get this to display on the player.

    Appreciating all help...

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    Hello there,

    This seems like it would be best handled client side. You might look into the JWPlayer forum/support to see how this could be configured.

    Kind regards,


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