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    Default nDVR mediachache

    I am testing nDVR for radiostreaming in an origin/edge configuration and have the MediaCache setup on the edge server, have done it by simply un-commenting the sample named dvrorigin, no changes, and added dvrMediaCacheEnabled to the application.xml.
    I can see that the cache is filled with objects first time I connect to the stream, so the cache is working.

    I am testing the DVR recorded stream in the example FlashHTTPPlayer with URL like this:
    http://myIP/dvrradio/stream-1/manifest.f4m?DVR or iPhone using http://myIP/dvrradio/stream-1/playlist.m3u8?DVR.

    But how do I connect to the edge to be able to use the items in the cache, or is the cache read by default for the second player I connect for the same stream?
    How can I verify that the cache items is read?


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    Hello there,

    Did you configure the origin-edge for nDVR following this guide:
    How to set up live stream repeater for use with Wowza nDVR AddOn (origin/edge)

    If the edge server is named "dvredge" then the playback URLS would be:
    Playback URLs

    I hope this is helpful to you.


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    Yes, i followed that guide and nDVR is working just fine and I'm using URLs like in the example.
    What I am wondering is if those URLs automatically are reading from the MediaCache on the Edge when I have that activated for DVR on the edge?

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