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Thread: GoCoder bad quality on HTC One

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    Default GoCoder bad quality on HTC One

    Dear Wowza team,

    I just started to test the new GoCoder app (v 1.0.32) on my HTC One (M8) Smartphone with Android 4.4.3 and found two issues where you could help me, please.

    The smartphone has a 5 Megapixel Camera and can record 1920x1080p-Full-HD-Videos.
    However, I only get a poor image quality in the GoCoder app on the phone display as well as on the published stream.

    The cam of the phone itself is ok and can record bright images.

    When I start the GoCoder App, the camera image does not focus to an object and looks itself very blurry.

    The video resolution is set to 1280x720px. with 25fps and keyframes after 2 seconds.
    Is this a regular behavior and by intention? or can I change something to get a better image quality (I would like to read text from a monitor recording).

    Then, I use a broadband WLAN connection to publish and push the stream to a Wowza Media Server v3.6.2.10.
    The result is played in a JW6 video player.
    With 1000kbps, the video looks extremely blocky.

    When I increase the bitrate setting within the GoCoder App to 2500kbps or higher, GoCoder starts to publish the stream for approx. 5 seconds, then stops and restarts the publishing process at 00:00:00.
    Our WLAN and Internet connection itself should be capable of handling a stream width an upload bandwith of more than 5MBps.
    With 1000kbps everything works fine and the stream is being published continuously without any interruption.

    Do you have a hint or an explanation what could generate such an effect?

    Thanks in advance

    André from Germany

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    Hi André,

    For the first issue. The image looks like it is out of focus as you say. You can define the focus point by touching the part of the screen you wish the camera to focus on. Please try that and see if it helps. Again, with the video clips it just looks like you need to touch the part of the screen showing the image being recorded, it should instantly focus in on that point.

    WiFi speeds are notoriously difficult to predict. 2.5Mb/s is actually quite high for some WiFi receivers depending on range and other trafffic etc. Is it connecting at 802.11.b, 802.11.n, 802.11ac etc? Can you stream video to your iPad at a continuous rate of 5Mb/s when in the same location?

    Additionally, do you or a friend have a device of similar capabilities who could also try the same tests? Just to rule out any issues with your particular device.
    Kind regards,

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    Hi Paul,

    thanks for your immediate reply and your suggestions.

    > You can define the focus point by touching the part of the screen you wish the camera to focus on. Please try that and see if it helps

    Unfortunately, nothing happens when I tap on my phone screen within the GoCoder app (in the free area outside the specific buttons). It does not autofocus to the touched point, in contrast to the behavior when I do the same within the original Android camera app.
    Is there a chance that it is an SDK related issue? (see although I think you probably use another SDK)

    Nevertheless I will test it as well on an iOS device asap. I guess, it will work there without any problems.

    Greetings, André

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    Hi Paul,

    the good news: the GoCoder App works on my iPad_mini without any issues; I can tap on the screen and it autofocuses to that point as expected, and I can select an arbitrary streaming bitrate without any interruptions.

    But: When we test it on a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone with Android 4.1.2, the screen picture is also blurry and nothing happens when we touch the camera screen (no autofocus behavior).
    Additionally, the resulting stream image is only grayscale although we are not able to select any video filters (as it is possible e.g. in the iPad App). Also a color swapping does not change the grayscale appearance. Very strange.

    Please see this as our first testing feedback to your GoCoder App. Maybe there is a bug somehow accross the several Android platforms, but we do not know and do not want to critizise it and only show our own experience. The app idea itself is great, no need for a separate cam and web encoder device any longer.

    Kind regards, André

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    Dear Wowza support team,

    are we the only ones who are experiencing this issue on Android devices?

    Please give a short status update

    Thanks, André

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    We haven't seen any other reports of this particular issue.
    It could be, as you say, device specific and related to the SDK implementation.
    I will bring this to the attention of our GoCoder developers and see if there is
    a possible resolution.

    Best regards,

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    Tap to focus is currently not implemented in Android GoCoder.

    The "grey scale" image is due to the firmware reporting the incorrect color space. Please review I suggest trying NV12 or NV21 colorspaces, those seem to be the most common for Samsung devices. It may take a few moments for the colorspace switch to be propagated to your player so be patient. We are working on supporting autofocus and tap-to-focus but have no timeline at the moment.

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    Thanks rob for the detailed feedback.

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    Is there any progress concerning the top-to-focus/Autofocus feature within the GoCoder Android App?

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    We are still planning to implement this function. There's no further update at this time.


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