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Thread: Cuepoints and Transcoder

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    Default Cuepoints and Transcoder

    Good morning, afternoon or evening all!

    We inject cuepoints into our a live rtmp stream server side using a cuepoint module.

    We have tested transcoding this live stream with the cuepoints and noticed that the cuepoints are carried through. This is great and exactly what we need.

    I wanted to check that this was indeed meant to happen and if in any scenario the cuepoints would be stripped out during transcoding? Or if there are settings to keep them in or remove them during transcoding.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Hello there,

    Any data packets that are already in or inserted into the source stream before the transcoder, should get passed through unchanged to the transcoded streams.

    The only data that probably would be changed is metadata that describes the individual transcoded streams.

    Kind regards,


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