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Thread: Need solution to reset streams files on connection lost

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    Default Need solution to reset streams files on connection lost

    I'm using Wowza as redirection solution with .streams files by using the built-in Stream Manager module.
    The .stream files contents are rtmp direct url from nginx-rtmp moddule without any additional parameters in the URL (just: rtmp:serverIPort/app/streams).
    The redirected urls plays well with Wowza on both rtmp and hls rotocol on connected.
    But the problem is when Wowza loses connection from source and reconnect, Video and Audio from the Wowza url are no longer in Sync, video comes 1-3secs and cut then audio comes 1secs. And clicking on Wowza Manager Reset Stream button will fix this till a connection lost happen again.

    I would like to know if there a possibility to tell Wowza to reset streams (and not reconnect only) when connection lost happens?

    I tried to use {uri : "rtmp://serverip/app/streamname",lsrResetOnStreamNotFound : "true"} on the wowza application, but it did not reset the streams on connection lost. I think it's only valid and available within Wowza Origin and Edge servers.

    Please help me solve this problem, it's very urgent

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    I think you are looking for the article below which will reset unhealthy streams.
    How to enable advanced monitoring and resetting of MediaCaster streams

    Do you see anything specific in the log files which indicates what the issue could be?
    If you're not running the latest version of Wowza I recommend upgrading as some fixes have been added to the MediaCaster fairly recently.


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