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Thread: Troubleshooting VOD content from S3

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    Question Troubleshooting VOD content from S3


    I've run into an issue others have reported - of the test player not being able to play content hosted on S3. I've checked the permissions on the video file, and it is indeed public and accessible. What's odd is that this plays fine in Akamai's Flash test player here:

    But the Test Player in the Wowza admin returns:

    "Source stream or file could not be found or access was denied."

    Is there something else I should look at to try and troubleshoot the issue? Thanks in advance!

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    I guess that you write the stream name wrong. I tested the stream name and I can watch on Wowza engine manager's test player.
    please check that after filling the server and the stream , you'll see
    Stream :

    --Emre Karataşoğlu

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    Thank you Emre, it does indeed work in the test player! It looks like the issue I'm having is with the VideoJS player. After testing JWPlayer, it works just fine. Not sure why, but it seems VideoJS isn't negotiating the path to the stream properly.

    Thanks again for taking a look!

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