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Thread: Implementing LIVE Multi-Language with Wowza & Wirecast

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    Default Implementing LIVE Multi-Language with Wowza & Wirecast

    Thought I'd bring a Wowza 3 forum thread into the Wowza 4 forum thread to get some more visibility/solutions on this. Does anyone know of a way to do multi-language live streaming with Wowza & Wirecast?


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    Wowza is able to ingest MPEG-TS streams with multiple audio channels but that may entail using a different encoder than Wirecast.

    I think on the Wirecast side they may not currently have the ability to stream multiple channels of audio in one stream.

    Wowza can also manage MP4 files with multiple tracks, but again this would be down to the encoder and whether it can send what you need. If it's simply one or two tracks the latter may work with the Wirecast encoder. It may be worth enquiring with the Telestream support team about feasibility from their side.

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