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    Default HLS settings

    I'm trying to figure out what the cupertinoMaxChunkCount setting does. I've searched on the forums and looked in the documentation but I can't find a definitive answer.

    Here are my configuration settings for the live application:

    I came across this page on configuring HTTP Live streaming and it states the following:

    The maximum number of chunks stored in the available chunk list is controlled by the cupertinoMaxChunkCount setting.
    This doesn't appear to be the case from my experiments. When I request the playlist for the live stream there's never any more than 5 entries in it, which corresponds to the value of the cupertinoPlaylistChunkCount setting. (I assume 'available chunk list' is referring to the playlist.)

    What is the cupertinoMaxChunkCount setting used for?

    I'm using Wowza 4.1.


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    Hello there,
    cupertinoMaxChunkCount is the total number of chunks that are maintained. So as the stream moves a bit further off of live, the player will start to request segments from further in the past. Having a larger list of chunks in reserve will insure this does not lead to a missing chunk error.

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