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Thread: Live Stream with Wowza (public ip)

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    Default Live Stream with Wowza (public ip)


    I try to develop own rtmp server using Wowza.Its is working locally but in online, it doesn't work as expected
    I've public ip address which points to my pc and i need a rtmp server on public. How to do this?

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    Is your Wowza software installed on a server which is having a public IP? You will need to make sure that are no firewalls blocking access to that IP and the ports used by Wowza. Alsom if the server is in an internal network, you will need to make sure that the outside connections are properly NATed to the Wowza IP.

    For more information about ports used by Wowza server, please check the "How to get started as a Wowza Streaming Engine Manager administrator" forum article. Here is the direct link to the Configure streaming ports paragraph.


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