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Thread: Manually added Application.xml won't show up in Stream Engine Manager

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    Default Manually added Application.xml won't show up in Stream Engine Manager

    Hi @all,

    on our own Windows Server 2012 R2 Server, we currently use Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Trial Edition 4.1.0 build12602 in order to test and prepare an upgrade from our existing Wowza 3 Perpetual license.

    We followed the Upgrade guide and created a new Live application within the Wowza Steam Engine Manager Website, which also showed up in the Content pane without any problems.
    In order to migrate our existing publishingpoint settings, we used this freshly created Application.xml and made a copy into a new conf directory where we changed the Application name in the file to a unique name (equal to the new config folder) and rebuilt a configuration simliar to our existing Wowza3 application files. Last but not least, we also created a corresponding application directory and restarted the Wowza Streaming Engine as well as the Stream Manager.

    After that, we logged in to the Wowza SE Manager website and, however, there's still only the one Live application that we created beforehand. The other application which we created in a new conf directory on the file system by hand is not displayed.

    We checked the following things

    - the modified Application.xml conf file contains a valid XML structure with no errors
    - the name in the modified Application.xml conf file is unique and equal to the conf folder, but different from the name of the original app
    - a coresspinding application folder with the same name exists
    - all folders and file permissions are set to readable/writeable by everyone
    - no errors in the Wowza startup console output

    According to the upgrade guide, there shouldn't be any other steps to do. So what could be the reason that my other Application.xml files from the file system aren't recognized in the web content pane but only the applications which are directly created within the Web Manager? Is there a hidden data container somewhere which stores all created application handles or something like that? Or can it be some kind of caching issue?

    I know that I could duplicate a publishing point application directly within the web interface, but we have several Application.xml files with different settings so that a management possibility directly on the file system would be a more convenient way for us to go.

    Thanks for every suggestion


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    Thread can be closed, sorry.

    It really seemed to be some kind of caching issue. After I restarted the services two times again and waited for ten minutes, the other applications suddenly showed up.


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    Andre, thanks for the update and glad to hear this is working for you now.

    Kind regards,


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