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Thread: Multiples file

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    Default Multiples file

    Hi guys,

    I have a necessity to create specifics logs for some AppInstance.
    I know that it's possible to do in ${com.wowza.wms.ConfigHome}/conf/, but to make it more clear to my business, I wish to know if is possible split for each AppInstance that I have.
    As is made with Application.xml.


    Is it possible? Or only in default?

    I tried to search something like that in Forums, Wowza User's guide, etc, but no success.


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    Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    There is a section in the file for application logging. You can uncomment that and see if that suites your needs.

    Kind regards,


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    Thank you Salvadore,

    Yep, I know this section.. It's not exactly what I was searching, but ok.
    I'm searching to find a way to split log4j conf file for each Application that I have.

    And another question (if possible) to close this thread..
    Everytime that I change, will be necessary a Wowza restart, right? I don't have how to escape of it?


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