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Thread: Video Recorder stuck in "Please wait. Connecting"

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    Default Video Recorder stuck in "Please wait. Connecting"

    We installed the Video Recorder plugin in WordPress and installed ffmpeg on CentOS. When we look on our WordPress admin interface we see the following Video Comments:

    - ffmpeg: Detected
    - h264 codec: Detected ( D V D h264_vdpau H.264 / AVC / MPEG-4 AVC / MPEG-4 part 10 (VDPAU acceleration))
    - faac codec: Missing: please configure and install ffmpeg with libfaac
    - speex codec: Detected ( DEA D libspeex libspeex Speex)
    - nellymoser codec: Detected ( DEA D nellymoser Nellymoser Asao)
    - ffmpeg2theora: Detected

    SO, we think the video recorder is not working because of the missing faac you guys agree?

    One other point to mention....before we saw the above Video Comments on the WordPress admin page, it said the ffmpeg was not detected. So our Hosting Provider said that it was just installed in a different location, so what they did was to create symbolic links in the folder that Video Whisper was expecting...this fixed that problem, but now this new problem about the libfaac is showing up. Is it possible that the symbolic links is causing the error?

    When I research the error message on Google, I see the problem could be several things but not sure which direction to go....could it be that we need to configure something on WordPress or is this exactly what it says....that the library is missing...before we spend money on getting a consultant, I just wanted to get some feedback...thanks so much for being a great community!

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    Is this a Wordpress plugin? If so have you asked with (I think only .org allow plugins). I'm not sure there is anything in Wowza we can do to help you with this. You could look at reinstalling ffmpeg & faac on Centos to see if at least that faac error disappears. It does look like it needs to be manually compiled from source though.

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