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Thread: Change protocol from rtmp to http.

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    Default Change protocol from rtmp to http.

    Our customer has used Wowza server with JWPlayer for mp3 service.
    But they want to change protocl http with html5 audio player tag in IE browser.
    Original url -> rtmp://

    So I change url like ->
    But not played both IE and JWPlayer .

    1) Is it possible play in IE browser with audio tag?
    2) If it is possible, there's chane need in Wowza server config?

    Please, let me know how to change.

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    Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    Double check what <HTTPStreamers> you have enabled in your Application.xml file, make sure "cupertinostreaming"(HLS) is enabled to use /playlist.m3u8. If it is an HLS is not working, you might try "sanjosestreaming" (HDS) and use /manifest.f4m in the playback URL
    Kind regards,


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    Can I use Internet Explorer in Desktop with html5 Audio tag?

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