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Thread: VOD mount storage not working

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    Default VOD mount storage not working

    I am trying to use a mounted drive to use as VOD storage location. I m using Z:\content. But it doesnt work. I get error "location not available"
    I can open the folder and access it from window. It doesnt require any username or password.
    Can someone help.

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    if this is on a Windows machine then it may be because Wowza does not have permissions to that shared drive. Wowza runs as a service normally, and doesn't have the same interactive access that you have when logged in.

    A quick way to check is to run Wowza in standalone mode. Stop WowzaStreamingEngine in Services, and open a windows console and type this

    This runs Wowza with the same access permissions as the person logged in. If this is satisfactory, then there is a way to permanently run Wowza in this mode. It's usually recommended to Windows users wishing to use hardware Transcoding, but follows the same principles here. It involves creating a Windows task using their task scheduler and is explained in this article.

    Another option is to use MediaCache in league with a web server as described here. It is a bit more involved, but makes it very easy to access remote as well as local content without having to run Wowza as a standalone process. You just point your web root to where your content is and use the prefix (http is the example in the article) in front of the content.

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