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Thread: Where can you by the license for Transcoding AddOn

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    Default Where can you by the license for Transcoding AddOn


    We have installed the Wowza latest version on EC2 with a license, everything is working okay.

    But where can we by the license for transcoding?

    A lot of into regarding transcoding...but no purchase link/button to be found?

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    Hello there,

    The DevPay AMIs do not support Addons (Transcoder, nDVR and DRM). But the LicKey AMIs, pre-built Wowza EC2 servers do support Addons. Please take a look at this article for more details:
    Pre-built AMIs (Amazon Machine Images)

    kind regards,


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    Txs everything is up an running now... we thought that we at the purchase of the instance at AWS would get the proper key right away...but you should wait and apply the key that will arrive via mail, then the addon features will be visible directly on the server pages.

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    Cool, sounds like you have this sorted. Thanks for the update.



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