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Thread: Can I receive MPEG TS via Wowza on EC2 & pull to Wirecast as WebStream plugin source?

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    Default Can I receive MPEG TS via Wowza on EC2 & pull to Wirecast as WebStream plugin source?


    My goal is to received video from a remote location and use it as a source in Wirecast 5.

    We've installed Wowze Media Server for Amazon EC2.


    What's the best way for the remote producer to send a video feed (presumably MPEG TS) to Wowza?

    Is there any particular configuration required for the WMS on Amazon?

    As far as I understand, there should be a way to generate a URI and access credentials, so as to integrate the stream relayed via Wowsa into Wirecast via the Web Stream plugin.
    Any tips on specifically how to do that?

    I haven't managed to find any guide or documentation on this workflow. Most people seem to want to do it in the other direction --> Stream to Wowza FROM Wirecast. But we're using Livestream as our streaming destination for the final webcast.

    Thanks for any advice!

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    This is our standard article for ingesting MPEG-TS live streams into Wowza. Typically you'd create a Live application with a stream file containing something like "udp://" as the value. All zeros just means listen on all interfaces, you could specify the interface that is facing the Internet. 10000 is just a port picked at random. Once you connect the stream to RTP in Wowza a listener will be created. It will sit there waiting for the stream to connect. You then configure your encoder to send to the Wowza IP "address : port" that's publicly visible and it should get ingested.

    You can control the starting and stopping the ingesting via http://[wowza-server]:8086/streammanager/index.html, this will require your admin user/password to control. Streaming to Wowza from Wirecast is common simply because Wirecast is the encoder and so the source. I've not looked into the Web Stream plugin but it sounds interesting, but hopefully this will demonstrate the start of the journey.

    I'm away from my main machine right now so can't investigate any further down that route but will certainly remind myself of it once back at my main workplace as it it's something we don't often come across.
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    Assuming the TS ingest works, how would I set it up to provide a RTMP, RTMPS, RTMP(e), RTSP stream for Wirecast?
    Is it simple to find the URI?
    Any particular configuration tips?

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    It's unclear to me whether the Stream file should contain the MPEG TS source IP address or whether the source encoder should use the Wowza IP / port number?

    E.g. In your example and in the 'How to publish a live MPEG TS stream' doc, you refer to udp://
    However, in the Stream File settings it says "MPEG-TS stream (MPEG-TS encoder): udp://[source-ip-address]:[port]"

    This seems contradictory -- it's sort of a push / pull distinction.

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    I created a Publisher user and am receiving an RTMP stream which I can view in Test Players.

    To receive the stream in Wirecast I need the URI? How do you generate that?

    I have Outgoing Security disabled.

    The stream name is "live"

    When I try rtmp://[Wowza-IP]:1935/live or rtmp://[Wowza-IP]/live I get the error "Failed to connect to URI"

    The Stream Authentication is the Wowza admin login credentials. (I've also tried the Publisher login I created for the Publisher, but get the same error.)

    Is there some step I'm missing? Or some other user credentials that needs to be created to RECEIVE an RTMP stream from the Wowza Streaming Engine?
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    I got it to work finally, but as an RTSP source, rather than RTMP:


    The "live/live" is a bit confusing since one is the Wowza Streaming Engine application name and the other is the stream name.

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