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Thread: Having trouble getting Edge to work.

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    Default Having trouble getting Edge to work.

    I set up an origin server with an Application called "live". I can access the stream with....

    rtsp://<origin ip>:1935/live/

    I also set up an edge server with Application "le" (Live Edge) on another computer. I have the following in the ...conf/le/Application file....


    NOTE: is the Origin IP.

    Also the StreamType is.... <StreamType>liverepeater-edge</StreamType>

    I do not have anything in the Content directory on the edge. When I issue the command...

    rtsp://<edge ip>:1935/le/

    Nothing happens. I'm using WireShark to monitor the Edge communicating with the Origin and there are no packets. Not sure what I am missing. Do I need stream files in content directory? If so what should they contain? I already have the command to access the origin in the Application file. Shouldn't the Edge use that to ask for the specified stream?


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    Looks like I figured it out. You don't need a stream file. Just some error on my side. If I want the stream to be published from the edge with StartupStreams.xml is that possible? On the origin I have this...


    So on the edge would i have this....


    Something tells me the MediaCasterType would not be correct as I'm using "wowz" in the conf/le/Application.xml file for the repeater. Would the MediaCasterType be "wowz" instead of "rtp"?


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    You can add the stream to StartupStreams.xml on the origin server which will get the camera stream and publish it when Wowza starts.
    For a Live Edge (repeater application) the stream is only requested from the origin when a client connects to view it. When the last client stops watching the stream the edge no longer pulls it from the origin which saves bandwidth between the origin and edge while the stream is not in use.

    I've you'd like the stream to be published on the edge all the time you can use a .stream file on the edge to pull the stream on the origin (similar to what you've done with the stream called camera.steam).
    Alternatively you can use PushPublishing to push the stream from the origin to the edge so it can be played from the edge server.


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    So if I use StartupStreams.xml what would be the MediaCasterType? The stream coming from the origin does not appear to be RTP.


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    Correct. You would use the MediaCaster type named "liverepeater" for streams that need to be started that com from an origin.


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