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Thread: require a suggestion for live streaming

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    Default require a suggestion for live streaming

    I'm planning to rent a dedicated server for a live streaming service.
    i will have around 50 streamers(publishers) and each one will have around 100 watchers.
    each stream bitrate will be maximum 1600kb/s.
    now i'm not really sure which dedi i would require for that amount but i got a proposal, let me know what you think about it:
    Chassis 1U/T3
    CPU Intel Xeon
    2x E5-2650v2
    Cores/threads 16/32t
    Frequency/burst 2,6 GHz+/3,4 GHz+
    Intel Smart Cache 20 MB
    RAM 128 GB DDR3 ECC 1600MHz
    Disks 2x 2 TB SATA3
    Bandwidth 500 Mbps
    Traffic Unlimited
    Burst 1 Gbps unlimited
    Public network card 1x 1 Gbps
    500GB backup (free) FTP access
    what do you think about the server?
    is the cpu enough? is the RAM enough or too much?is the bandwidth enough?
    i dont require alot of DISKS as im not planning to save any streams on my server.

    can you tell me how many watchers/streamers i would be able to to run on this server?

    thanks for your help!

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    The server looks to be sufficient in all areas for what you describe, but agree that the RAM is excessive for the purpose.
    16GB or so would be a good / safe RAM size to go with (even that might be high, but still a good option).

    Whatever hardware you go with, do ensure you load test with a load test tool such as the one provided here.


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