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Thread: How I connect database with wowza media server using .Net?

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    Post How I connect database with wowza media server using .Net?


    I am using wowza server and I want to integrate database that contain videos in it and I need to bind that database to wowza. Could you please tell us that how I bind the database ? I am expert in .Net so I have to do code for it then please let me know how can I do it in .net?

    Mihir P.

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    Wowza is written in java so you would have to write any custom modules in java. You could use .net to write a web service that interfaces your database however, you would still need custom java classes to connect to your web service. I guess it depends on what else is connecting to the database.

    The Server side Modules and Code samples section would be the best place to start fro custom Wowza modules.


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