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Thread: I have problem with transcoded stream???

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    Default I have problem with transcoded stream???

    Dear All…..We have 3 Wowza servers that are supposed to transcode Surveillance camera streams and push them to another wowza server in the cloud. The setup is as follows:

    1- Acti Camera - Model i94
    2- Wowza Server Version 4.1.0 (12602)
    3- ubuntu 14.4 lts server 64-Bit - [16GB ram]
    4- Java Version 1.7.0_65 64-Bit

    The Wowza server causes a glitch in the transcoding output (3 resolutions) of the streams. And this glitch becomes more frequent if we increase the number of transcoded channels per server. It doesn't sound normal to us because the wowza server seems to be struggling a lot while we are transcoding only 3 streams on it and CPU jumps up to 84%.
    BTW we have this prob on 3 different servers have same 4 installed software that mentioned earlier. *

    Please give us any idea where we need to start looking.


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    Can you open a ticket with our Support team and send an email containing the detailed description of the issue you are facing and also the contents of the following folders as a .zip (or other archive):


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